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About Kuju

Kuju is a small census town located in Ramgarh District of Jharkhand. Its falls in Gola block, which is one of the 6 developmental blocks of this district. There are huge reservoirs of coals located in and around this town, which is obviously very critical for its local economy. Below is complete information about Kuju town, wherein we’ve covered all the important aspects. Right from its ancient history to prevailing conditions of local services in the town.

About Kuju
About Kuju

History of Kuju

Ramgarh is a very historical region indeed. The region’s rich history has also helped in shaping the identity of small town of Kuju. History of this entire region is actually very deeply steeped in religious evolution of our country. This claim is based on age old belief that Lord Ram – one of India’s most revered god – had built a huge fort in this region. This historical belief eventually helped this region in getting the famous name of ‘Ramgarh’, which in Hindi means ‘fort of Ram’. Coming to documented history of this region, then this region during ancient era had witnessed rise and fall of great empires. Historical evidences suggest traces of Buddhism and Jainism with huge followers in this region. Moving to medieval era, then just like rest of India, even entire Ramgarh region came under reign of many Muslim rulers. The era of Muslim empire was obviously followed by era of British Empire. Britishers very soon transformed this region into a major military district. Many military battalions came up here and were stationed here as long as Britishers were ruling our country.

Economy of Kuju

Economy of Kuju is dominated by traditional agricultural sector, but industrial sector is equally playing an important role in driving the local economy. Talking first about agricultural sector, then all villages adjoining to Kuju town are overwhelmingly dependent on agricultural sector for their day-to-day livelihood. The local agricultural sector also gets enough aid from presence of fertile soil and good annual rainfall. Now coming to main crops that are cultivated here, then they are as follows: Rice, Maize and Ragi are main crops of this region. These crops are more or less cultivated in huge quantity in other parts of the region too.

Information on Kuju

Owing to huge reservoir of coal Ramgarh region is home to many mineral based industries. Although no major mineral based industry is as such operating in Kuju region, but significant number of Kuju’s locals are employed in mineral based industries operating in and around Ramgarh town. There are many coal mines in and around Kuju town, which are very critical for generating employment for locals here. Furthermore, huge numbers of mineral based industries operating around main city of Ramgarh is also providing huge number of employment for locals of Kuju town.

If we've to sum up entire industrial scenario in few words, then all that can be said is that 'coal' plays a very important in Kuju's local economy, which is equally true about entire region of Ramgarh.

Transport in Kuju

Kuju town does have decent number of auto rickshaws. These decent numbers of auto rickshaws are solely responsible for taking care of local transportation services here. Although currently these existing numbers of auto rickshaws are doing pretty fine job, but this town still needs more auto rickshaws on the road. Coming to connectivity via train and bus services, then Kuju does not have its own railway station. The nearest railway station is Barkakana Railway Junction, which is the only junction in entire Ramgarh district. Being a junction, it is directly connected to almost all the important cities of Jharkhand state. Besides, it is also directly connected to other important cities like Howarh, Delhi, Patna and Bhopal. Owing to Barkakana station’s amazing connectivity, Kuju’s local people are obviously overwhelmingly dependent on it.

Healthcare Services in Kuju

Hospitals in Kuju

Kuju’s healthcare service is pretty under developed. Barring few well equipped hospitals and few government run PHC and CHC centers, this town has nothing much too show on healthcare front. This unfavorable scenario not surprisingly pushes many locals to look for other cities for reliable treatment. In case of Kuju’s local patients that reliable option is most likely Ramgarh, Hazaribagh and Bokaro cities. Moving to more basic services like chemist shops and clinics, then at least on this front Kuju boosts a pretty pleasant scenario. This is to say that today there are decent numbers of chemist shops and general clinics in the town. There decent presence obviously means a lot for local patients here.

Banking Services in Kuju

Banking services in Kuju can’t be exactly termed as efficient, but it is surely showing signs of much needed improvement. This improvement has but obviously been brought forth by coming up of few branches of reputed banks. All these branches have come up during last one decade. Hopefully few more branches of reputed banks will be added in coming years. Here it is also essentially to mention about local cooperative banks and local microfinance institutions, as they are far more dominant player than banks. Although they cannot match reputed banks in terms of services, but their reach and appeal among local people is enabling them to thrive and grow.

Bank of Baroda
Address: A R A Road, Kuju, Ramgarh, Jharkhand - 825316
IFSC Code: 06545-282664/282665
Phone no: Not available

Canara Bank
Address: Kuju Main Road Distt- Ramgarh, Jharkhand
IFSC Code: CNRB0004217
Phone no: Not available

Oriental Bank Of Commer
Address: C/O Smt Shanti Gupta, Main Road, Nh - 33, Kuju, Dist:Ramgarh
IFSC Code: ORBC0101422
Phone no: 06545-282640

Bank of India
Address: Main Road, Kuju, Dist - Ramgarh
IFSC Code: BKID0004820
Phone no: 06553-281225, 282025,

In the end what we can conclude based on above information is that Kuju town still has a long way to go to even make a decent stride on the front of development. The lacking of infrastructure in many key areas like healthcare, banking, and transportation has hindered its development for many decades. Besides, this infrastructural deficiency causes inconvincible inconvenience to all locals here. The only hope for better future comes from huge reservoir of coals residing in this region, which to an certain extend has already brought economic respite for locals here.

Kuju at glance

Country : India
State : Jharkhand
District : Ramgarh
Elevation : 426 m (1,398 ft)
Languages : Hindi, Santali
Population: Approximately 21,356 – 2011 census
Official language: Hindi, Santali
Pin code: 825316

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